About Us

Our company leadership has deep roots in Ethiopia and takes great pride in the coffee we source.

Alpha Green Coffee Importer operates under one philosophy: Provide single-source 100% organic coffee beans that are never blended and always sourced directly from small family farms.

We have developed incredible relationships with the farming communities in Ethiopia throughout the many world renowned coffee growing regions to ensure that our trade results in higher benefit for the local communities than traditional operations by closing the gap between the farm and roasteries that bring our premium coffee to consumers around the world.

To ensure the highest quality, we have a team on the ground with decades of experience in the industry that closely monitor the packaging and transportation from the source, performing rigorous quality testing and ensuring compliance with national and international standards and accreditation requirements until the product makes it to its final destination.

This is The Alpha Way™.


Alpha Green Coffee Importer works with the best in the trade and we are proud to only source from partners that meet and exceed industry standards with world-renowned accreditations that include USDA Organic, Fair Trade, UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certification, among others.

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